I have years of experience teaching and designing curriculum. The majority of my work has focused on writing and communication. I enjoy working in non-traditional educational environments and focus creating on student-centered, active, supportive, collaborative and creative spaces. I have had the opportunity to work with places like The Escapery (non-traditional creative writing workshops), UNLV (writing and creative writing), JVS San Francisco (intensive communications training for return-to-work medical assistants and other individuals) and many other really delightful places.

Upcoming Workshops:

Mondays 6:30-9:00pm, October 21-December 2, 2019

StoryStudio, Chicago

Illness, caregiving, healing. How can we write into these experiences? How can I gain the perspective we need to write? How can we talk about both clinical knowledge and profound emotions? How can we communicate personal experiences to others? This generative workshop focuses on ways of communicating and understanding illness, healing, and care taking. Click here for more information.


Writing coaching:

I provide 1:1 writing coaching for people who want support in developing their craft. I offer specifically designed exercises, critique, support, editing and, for those who find it helpful, deadlines. Please reach out if you are interested in having a bit more inspiration and support for your writing. We can make a plan. I'll send you an exercise. The first one is free. 


Also. I write a heck of a wedding toast. 

             "That's the best toast I've ever heard."    --caterer at a wedding in reference to a toast I gave.